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Christ, the Fairest of All Men (With a Video)

Upon venturing on my sixth post up to date, I figured I should not only instruct, but also delight my reader with some meditative insights into a wonderful book in the Bible that often goes ignored or unnoticed, the Song of Songs.
The Song of Songs is a tiny book that consists of 8 chapters, yet every page is saturated and overflowing with the love of God to the apex of creation, the human.  The book is attributed to King Solomon, who wrote it to one of his wives.  Solomon’s love for his wife prefigures Christ’s love for his Church.  This relationship between God and his people, which resembles that of a bridegroom and his bride, is not a novelty introduced to us in the New Testament.  In Isaiah 54:5, God says, “For your husband is your Maker, Whose name is the LORD of hosts.”  This by itself speaks volumes of God’s love for us.  I ask all the faithful husbands out there, how dearly do you love your wife? To what extent would you defend her (especially when she cooks a nice meal for yo…

The Joy of Holiness

Throughout our day, we are constantly bombarded with all sorts of messages.  Some of these messages are conveyed to us in the form of advertisement of some new ‘life-changing’ product; others are suggested to us underhandedly with some God-forsaken, sly intention in hopes of winning some political, economic or social battle.  Be that as it may, these messages always attempt to shape our Will and our Desire in a way that will control and manipulate our character. 
Inside every human being, there exists Desire.  This Desire is the driving force in our life.  In and of itself, it is not a bad thing because it moves us to find partners (husbands or wives) with whom we can start family units and share with God the act of creation to produce new life on earth.  However, when it becomes corrupt, human wretchedness increases and multiplies.  This is especially true, when Desire is left to its own devices, to be free to control our life as it pleases i.e. to make us eat whenever or whatever it…

Homosexual Activism: Hatred for Religion and Free Speech

Well folks, I guess by now the news is getting old.Damian Goddard, a television anchorman for Rogers Sportsnet has been fired for making his views on marriage public on Twitter.
On Tuesday May 10, Damian tweeted his support for Todd Reynold, Burlington’s hockey agent.Reynold voiced his disagreement of New York Rangers’ Sean Avery for filming a television ad in support of gay marriage.
Reynold’s radical views of marriage being between one man and one woman did not go unnoticed.CBC ran a segment of Q’s Sports Culture that debated whether hockey is “homophobic.” Instinct Magazine called for a petition to be signed by its readers and forwarded to Uptown Sports “to apologize and let Todd know” that he is “intolerant homophobic bigot hater.”The list of reaction from leftist media is too long to be enumerated in this humble blog space.Suffice it to say, if you are an advocate of traditional marriage in Canada, then please slam shut your door, fasten all your locks, and sleep with one eye open.…

From Malta to Hungary, Change is the Common Theme

Living in a global village forces us to face certain facts.One fact that we must all confront is that our world is changing.Global demographics are being scrambled around, principles that have governed societies for years are now being deserted, and the French soccer team for 2010 World Cup consisted mostly of players with darker complexion.However, the most important change that is now taking place is the re-formation of family.The current legislation of European states speaks volumes of attempts being made to redefine family.This change is evident in the transformation currently taking place in two European countries, Malta and Hungary, both of which are members of the European Union.
Malta is a country that is very dear to my heart. It is one of the last strongholds of Catholicism that has survived the vicious assaults of secularism in modern Europe.It is nearly impossible to go anywhere in the tiny island without being reminded of the Catholic culture that encompasses all aspect of…

Tyranny of Individualism

Recently, in the Vatican, there has been much discussion revolving around Religious Freedom.  Also, click here for an article on Pope Benedict's review of that discussion. 
A spectrum that has always boggled policy makers is Individualism and Institutionalism.  On one end of the spectrum, stand individual human rights that offer us valuable personal freedoms apart from any restrictions. On the other end of the spectrum is the establishment that has always sought to civilize human rebellious nature with regulations. 
Nowhere was this binary fought out more ferociously than 18th century Europe, when the age of Enlightenment ignited a stream of revolutions throughout the European nations.  The fallout for these revolutions in the western world is quite visible in the western view of religion and its advocates.  Two notable outcomes emerged from these revolutions.  First, is the attempt to banish religion into the realm of private sphere.  The second important outcome is Moral Relativ…

Dual Heroism of Blessed John Paul II

Blessed John Paul II, what a blessed topic with which I will introduce my blog and myself. Well, I suppose it is only apt that I should say something about myself before I begin with my first blog topic, Blessed John Paul II. 
I am a big fan of the Pope, the previous and the current. Does that tell you anything? It should.  Otherwise, I would have to do a great deal of explanation, especially while operating under a blog called “View Catholic.” During the last four years, I have engaged in some heavy-duty religious blog hounding, online public forum tailing. Conclusion? Why not start my own blog, and this way I get to reflect, mirror, image, replicate, portray, express, illustrate the Catholic view and the Catholic view only, in its most authentic, original, genuine, accurate, real, indisputable, and unadulterated form.  Have fun!
Back to the pope, Blessed John Paul II. What can I say? 1.5 million gatherers assembled. It was definitely a blessed assembly. It must’ve been too difficult t…