Dual Heroism of Blessed John Paul II

Blessed John Paul II, what a blessed topic with which I will introduce my blog and myself. Well, I suppose it is only apt that I should say something about myself before I begin with my first blog topic, Blessed John Paul II. 

I am a big fan of the Pope, the previous and the current. Does that tell you anything? It should.  Otherwise, I would have to do a great deal of explanation, especially while operating under a blog called “View Catholic.” During the last four years, I have engaged in some heavy-duty religious blog hounding, online public forum tailing. Conclusion? Why not start my own blog, and this way I get to reflect, mirror, image, replicate, portray, express, illustrate the Catholic view and the Catholic view only, in its most authentic, original, genuine, accurate, real, indisputable, and unadulterated form.  Have fun!

Back to the pope, Blessed John Paul II. What can I say? 1.5 million gatherers assembled. It was definitely a blessed assembly. It must’ve been too difficult to ignore, even by secular, and often anti-Catholic television stations such as the CNN. John Paul II was indeed a hero for both, Catholics and non-Catholics.

During his reign, Karol Wojtyla constituted a formidable foe to any self-ascribed Catholic who challenged the male-only clergy, or the Real Presence in the Eucharist.  Had the Church caved in on any of these issues, no doubt Catholicism, as we know it, would’ve disintegrated into the modern, non-discriminatory landscape of moral relativism.  The identity of Catholics would never survive this blow.  John Paul managed to steer the Church on the proper course every time She faced a challenge from within.

On a greater scale, John Paul did not fail to demonstrate the supremacy of the Catholic faith in his desire, not only to lead the faithful Catholics, but also call for a communion of mankind where channels of dialogue never cease or end. People of all religions attest for his love and humility.  In essence, this proves that it is possible that one can remain a faithful Catholic witness and yet be at peace with members of other religions.  For the past two centuries in the west, religion has been described as a divisive tool that creates nothing but tension and warring factions.  Although the Blessed pope has maintained clear lines of divisibility between the Catholic faith and other religions, peaceful ties and open dialogue have never ceased during his reign. 

Obviously something supernatural was happening at the Vatican on May 1, 2011 for 1.5 million people, from different religions and ethnicities, to come together and honour a pope.  Obviously someone greater than us puny, little humans was at work.  The only direction, towards which one is forced to look, is above.  Thank you Lord. Thank you for giving us Blessed John Paul II.


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