Abortion Zombies: Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden and Co.

A recent poll shows Nancy Pelosi to be the least popular U.S. Congressional leader. I do not imagine that Pelosi’s theological blunders have anything to do with these poll results, but I am sure that these views certainly contribute to the composition of her character, which has been deemed “least popular.” In any case, there is nothing more amusing (or frustrating, depending how you look at it), than to see Pelosi theologizing.

Pelosi has previously deemed herself an “ardent, practicing Catholic,” who has been “studying the issue” of life “for a long time.” The conclusion of her thorough scholarship was that “over the centuries, the Doctors of the Church have not been able” to define when life first begins. “St. Augustine said at three months. We don’t know.” 

Watching her utter these words during the interview, it is not difficult to see the eyes tearing up and the anxiety level rising to the point of almost choking on her words and clearly revealing her guilty conscience. The reporter’s question, “When do you think life begins?” went unanswered. Pelosi’s interview triggered plenty of response from faithful Catholics as well as pro-lifers. 

Tom Brokaw asked U.S. Vice President Joe Biden the same question. Unlike Pelosi, Biden is “willing to accept that life begins at the moment of conception.” However, his problem is that answering this question is a matter of personal “judgment” and for him “to impose” his “own judgment on everybody else” would be “inappropriate in a pluralistic society.” He goes on to speculate his opponent’s counter-argument, “what about fascism…you gonna say fascism is alright?” Then he answers his own question, “fascism isn’t a matter of faith. No decent religious person thinks fascism is a good idea.” 

The common revelation that emerges from both of these interviews is the difficulty of reconciling the two politicians’ views on abortion with their faith. Clearly there is a difficulty there. Pelosi’s statement made almost three years ago was never retracted despite the numerous protests it sparked from the various levels of the Church, the highest of which came from the Pope himself. Biden, on the other hand, received a correction that had the tone of a rebuke from Archbishop Charles Chaput, where he told Biden that he "should refrain from communion." 

The truth is that within each one of these two politicians, there exists a huge, irreconcilable gap between their personal views and the faith they purport to follow. This gap cannot be described in any other way except as a schizophrenic severance within their character. If a person believes that life does not begin at the moment of conception, or if one thinks that this is a matter of personal choice, then perhaps it would be healthier to recognize that he/she does not follow the Catholic Church, which clearly teaches otherwise. This is not a matter of a believer who falls into sin due to human weakness. Nor is this some passive character flaw that should be ignored and kept hidden. This is a case of intentional defiance of Church doctrine by those who claim to be among the ranks of her membership. The only path to reconciliation is either the Church changes her doctrine, which has never been known to happen, or Pelosi, Biden and co. change their mind and begin to live the faith they claim to follow. 

Pelosi and Biden are not a new anomaly. Many people, especially in our postmodern society, seem to be suffering from this psychological illness. The worst part is that the high-ranking positions these two Civil Servants occupy place them in a position that has a great deal of influence on how we live out our lives. They have enough legislative powers to impose on the masses the funding of such “moral evil” as abortion (Catechism 2272). In fact, they have made it their crusade to impose the funding of abortion with their promulgation of Obama’s health care plan.


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