On Babies and Tampons

Retail sales have sunk to a new low in the United Kingdom. I imagine storeowners are rushing to put together an advertisement campaign to boost the consumers’ confidence and encourage them to spend their money.  Campaigners in the U.K. are doing just that, except their target demographics are not just any consumers.  They are targeting females with impregnated wombs. 

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) in the UK has given the green light for private abortion providers to air television advertisements and promote their services.  I would like to understand this situation a little better, as I imagine my esteemed reader would like as well.  The best way to go about analyzing this development would be through a Comparison.  Hearken back, gentle reader, to your grade 9 English lessons on Comparisons.  To compare two objects or concepts with each other means to find the similarities they share with one another. Here, the two objects we would like to compare are babies and tampons, more specifically aborted babies and dirty tampons.

Bear with me for a minute.

Now, I ask my reader.  After reading through this comparative chart, are you grossed out? Are you repelled? Are you disgusted, appalled and sickened at my veracious, candid and blunt comparison? Then you should know, that is the magnitude of the debauchery currently taking place in England re the abortion business.  This is the depravity to which life in, Europe in general and UK in particular, has been reduced. 

If you can find any more similarities between these two objects, please feel free to post them in the comments section.


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